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Do I need to have danced before?

Absolutely not, that's what the Beginners classes are about.

So, what's the right level for me?

- If you've got no experience of either Ballroom or Latin American, then join the Ballroom/Latin Beginners I class.

- If you've danced both Ballroom and Latin American before, and got the basics in the most popular dances (Waltz-Quickstep-Tango-Social Foxtrot-Cha Cha Cha-Rumba-Jive/Rock'n'Roll) then join the Beyond Beginner Ballroom/Latin American class.

- If you've been dancing for a few years, feel quite confident and can dance the Slow Foxtrot then you'll want to join the Improver or Intermediate  class.

Do I need a partner?

This style of dancing requires couples but don't be put off if you don't have one.  If you are without a partner then please get in touch and I may be able to match you up.

Do you switch partners around the class?

In Covid times absolutely not. The usual answer now follows!

Not usually - if you've come with your partner that's who you usually want to learn with. When a class has got to know each other better then I might, on rare occasions, switch round when I'm teaching a new figure to get a bit of practice dancing with someone else.  I never do that with Beginners classes.

How many people are in a class, private lesson or wedding dance lesson?

- All classes are restricted to a maximum of 6 couples. This allows individual attention while also getting experience of dancing on a social dance floor.

- Learn to Dance in a Day workshops are restricted to 6 couples. This allows for individual attention while also getting experience of dancing on a social dance floor.

- Private lessons are restricted to 1-2 couples.

- Wedding Dance lessons are for the wedding couple only as the choreography is specific to the first dance.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable that doesn't restrict your movement - jeans are perfectly acceptable.  This is a social dance class not an exercise class so you don't need to wear gym gear.

What about shoes?

Beginners don't need special shoes although you might want to buy a pair of dance shoes later if you really take to it.  Try and wear a smooth-soled shoe so that your foot doesn't stick to the floor when you're turning, trainers are usually a bad idea.  For ladies, wear a heel height you're comfortable with and can dance in, and shoes that give you some support - I would specifically not wear ballet pumps (too flat), wedge heels (too solid) and anything with no back (too dangerous).

Do I need to practice at home?

I don't expect you to do that, so it's entirely up to you.

How much do classes cost?

Please see the Prices page for details.  Beginners courses are payable at the start of the course.  Ongoing classes can be paid at the start of the month or weekly.

Do you offer any discounts?

Please see the Prices page for discounts for payments in advance. If you attend class regularly then Membership is the most cost-effective way to attend. There are no other concessions.

How do I pay?

Via the booking diary using your debit/credit card or PayPal

Via BACS - bank details on monthly Cheek2Cheek Dance Lover's Guide.

In person by cash

N.B. Cheques are not accepted


Please see the Prices page for further information and whether you need to pay at booking, as you go or mothly.

Where are classes held?

Regular classes In 3-4 locations - click on the "How to find us" page:

Mon - Boxford Village Hall
Tue - Baydon Village Hall
Wed - Baydon Village Hall (May-Aug 2021)
Wed - Lambourn Walwyn Hall (from Sep 2021)
Thu - East Challow Village Hall

1st Sun monthly - Baydon Village Hall (June, July & Aug 2021)
1st Sun monthly - Lambourn Walwyn Hall (from Oct 2021)
3rd Sun monthly - East Challow Village Hall

Is there a car park?

Yes, there is a free car park in all locations.



STEVENTON   (nr Abingdon):

Village Hall

The Green, OX13 6RR

BOXFORD   (nr Newbury):

Village Hall

Rood Hill, RG20 8DD


BAYDON   (nr Aldbourne):

BYPA Village Hall

6 Manor Lane, SN8 2JE



The Beacon

Portway, OX12 9BX


EAST CHALLOW   (nr Wantage):

Village Hall

Main Street, OX12 9ST


1st Sunday

LAMBOURN   (nr Hungerford):

Walwyn Hall

Baydon Road, RG17 8NU

3rd Sunday

EAST CHALLOW   (nr Wantage):

Village Hall

Main Street, OX12 9ST


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Ballroom/Latin start dates:

Boxford - Mon 7 March 2022

Baydon - Tue 8 March 2022

Wantage - Wed 14 Sep 2022


Rock'n'Roll (Swing Jive) start dates:

Wantage - Wed 23 Feb 2022

Wantage - Wed 27 Apr 2022



East Challow: tbc




Sun 6 March : 6.15-8.15pm


Sun 20 Feb : 6.30-8.30pm





Sun 6 March : 4.15-6.15pm

TANGO (fully booked)

East Challow:

Sun 20 March : 4.15-6.15pm



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