First Dance Nerves? Help Is Here!

“I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.”  (Ruth St Denis)

Whether you want a few steps to put together yourselves or a choreographed routine for your first dance, help is here.

Ideally the newlyweds dance alone for about three minutes - it really isn't that long and you'll get great photos!



If you’ve got a particular track that you’d like to use that’s wonderful.  If not, have a listen to the Weddings Song Ideas playlist in Youtube or take a look at the Wedding Songs board in Pinterest and listen to songs chosen by some of our actual couples.

Remember to check the lyrics of your song to see if they’re right for your big day. A clear beat will make it easier to dance together but we can work with any type of song. Let your DJ know that the song should be played from the start, if you have a choreographed routine. And if you've got a live band then we need to know the arrangement they'll be playing.


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Style of Dance

The style of dance depends on the music so have a think about what you'd like your first dance to be. There are always moves that look great even if you've never danced before.

Your dance is tailored for you both and works with the size of your dance floor and whatever you're wearing!

If you want to segue into a flashmob then we can do that too - very simple routines with about 20 people can take as little as 2 hours to learn & practice.



For just a few basic steps, 1 or 2 hours of lessons is enough. For a relatively simple choreographed routine then you need 3 to 4 hours. An hour at a time is usually the best way to take lessons.

Ideally start your lessons in the last 6-8 weeks before your wedding but if it's closer than that we can still put together a lovely dance. 


What will we cover in your lesson?

- Your entrance onto the dance floor

- How to take up dance hold

- Looking natural and confident while you’re dancing

- The steps – of course!

- What to do if you forget what comes next

- How to finish the dance


What do you need to bring/wear?

- Bring a CD, music player, smartphone or tablet with your music

- Wear your wedding shoes (or similar) for at least one of the lessons



- Price per hour = £40

- Price for block 4 x 1 hour = £140


Booking & Payment

- Book & pay via online booking diary

- Pay total amount at booking

- To book 4 lessons, book 1st & buy 4, then book other 3 as if individual lessons


Terms & Conditions

- Wedding couple only may attend

- Cancellation < 1 week's notice £15 per hour

- Refunds charged as cancellations


Times & locations

Subject to availability - see booking diary

Day  Venue Available Times
  Monday   BOXFORD 8.30pm (May-Aug)
  Tuesday   LAMBOURN after 4.30pm
  Wednesday   LAMBOURN after 4pm
  Thursday   LAMBOURN after 4pm
  Friday WANTAGE  6.30pm (May-Aug)
  Saturday   n/a  none available
  Sunday   LAMBOURN

after 3.30pm



Ensure pop-ups are enabled on your PC to use the booking diary.

It is not currently working on mobile devices.



Village Hall

Rood Hill, RG20 8DD

Tuesday-Thursday / Sunday:


The Walwyn Hall

Baydon Road, RG17 8NU



Methodist Church Hall

Newbury Street, OX12 8DA

Saturday workshops:


Village Hall

The Green, OX13 6RR

Call +44 07780 624784+44 07780 624784


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NEW BEGINNERS COURSES: Start dates for 2019

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Lambourn - Wed 9 January

Wantage - Fri 4 January



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